The Best Bodyboards Reviewed and Compared for 2018

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Written by Tegan

If you enjoy snorkeling then chances are you prefer to be active at the beach and outdoors as opposed to laying back and tanning with your book. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a small dose of that but for me, doing something active is much more fun!

Bodyboarding is a great beach activity that is suitable for all ages and all levels. Catching waves is an exhilarating feeling and while not everyone can easily master the skill of surfing, body board is a much more user friendly sport!

While you don’t need any special skills to pick up a body board and get out there, it can be beneficial to have the best equipment to get you started.

In the following post I have highlighted the best body boards available across a range of prices. Investing in a quality piece from the start means you’ll be enjoying your body boarding sessions for many trips to come!

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Best Body Boards

Own the Wave ‘Beach Attack Pack’

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Own the wave is the perfect beginners introductory body board for your beach vacation. Lightweight this board also includes a premium coiled leash and fin tethers.

Lightweight the high speed slick bottom surface and EPS core partner together for an unforgettable experience.

The Bottom rear channels and crescent tail shape further add to the body boards performance.

While the core is EPS the bottom exterior is PP which makes the board both stronger and faster.

Suitable for both adults and kids this design includes detailed instructions made easier with pictures of how to install the leash and use the fin tethers.

To prolong the life of your Wave Weapon store the bottom side or white side up as it prevents the air pressure building up within the board.

The Own the Wave is available in blue, pink and green and in sizes 33″, 37″ and 41″ with a weight capacity of 150 pounds. It also comes with a 100% guarantee within 12months of the purchase.

California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard

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The California MMAG Bodyboard is another bodyboard suited to beginners.

It has a molded contour deck for rider comfort as well as arm wells for a locked in fit.

Thumbs bulbs offer great control and the EPS core and PP slick bottom offers greater speed.

The bottom is also channeled with further adds to the speed.

A crescent tail design this is the standard tail design that is comfortable and gives the user more control.

This product also includes a dual swivel pro-style coil wrist leash. This bodyboard is 44″ L x 23″ W x 2.75″ H with a weight limit of 200 pounds.

A sturdy, strong bodyboard that can handle waves well. Most suited to adults this board will be a little long for children but definitely still rideable.

Big Lizard Pro Series Body Boards 

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The Big Lizard is aerodynamically designed with controlled bat tips for speed and maneuvrability.

Heat sealed bonding seals the body board which prevents any water from infiltrating the core.

This stops the board from bubbling which is evident in the cheaper body boards.

Very light, this board offers user control yet stability while catching waves.

Included with the purchase is an adjustable retention wrist leash.

The crescent shaped tail design offers rider comfort and ease of use.

The Big Lizard board has an EPS core and an XPE deck.

Available in two different sizes 37inches or 41inches and five different color combinations – red/blue, grey/green, yellow/pink, pink/blue and red/blue.

Lucky Bums Body Board 

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The Lucky Bums Body Board is well priced and popular choice for beach go-ers looking to maximize their day on the water.

Designed with 60/40 rails, rear channels and made from high-density polyethylene and EPS core.

The high-density polyethylene bottom is slick which adds to your speed on waves.

Designed for use in all wave conditions this board offers great control and maneuverability.

Included with the purchase is a leash, all you need to do is attach it to the board and then to your wrist and you are ready to ride the waves.

Available in five different colors and three different sizes 33 inches, 37 inches and 41 inches this board can be used by adults and children.

100% satisfaction guaranteed, Lucky Bums will fix any problems or issues you have with the board.

Empire Makai Bodyboard

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The Empire Makai Bodyboard is a great beginners board that includes the leash.

Made with a high density EPS core this body board the core is dense.

A simple design, this board will have you zooming along the white wash in no time.

Available in blue or red this board can be bought in five different lengths.

Sizing ranges from 33 inches to 45 inches so you can choose a size that suits the whole family.

Simple and fast, this is a no frills board that offers great value for money.

Bear in mind there is no stringer in the middle so if you are looking to catch some heavy duty waves then choose a different model to the Empire Makai Bodyboard.

662 Sixsixtwo Splash Bodyboard

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The SixSixTwo Splash Bodyboard is a 33 inch body board.

Made from high grade EPS core this board has IXPE decking material.

This adds to the speed you can gain while catching waves.

Pre-plugged this purchase includes a fabric wrist leash.

A crescent tail makes it supportive and easy to hold your body weight.

Great for beginners who don’t enjoy wipe-outs. This board is thick and buoyant which helps to keep you on top of the wave.

Easy to maneuvre through waves this is a stable ride that offers flexibility.

Available in a few different colors the SixSixTwo Splash Bodyboard is a great addition to your beach staples.

THURSO SURF Lightning 42” Bodyboard Package 

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The Thurso Lighting is a premium bodyboard package that offers a higher quality product.

42 inches this board is lightweight and includes the a leash and carry bag.

Designed for stability and ease of gliding along waves this board has two stringers for strength.

A rigid PE core and high density polyethylene slick bottom adds to the responsiveness and board speed.

Well cushioned this board is comfortable and heat laminated which reduces the risk of delamination.

Contours on the front of the board make it easier to grip and steer the board along the waves.

Available in orange, white and blue, the board bag is a dark blue color.

This board has great customer reviews and the two stringers really makes it extra difficult to break in half. For a product that is designed to withstand surf and last a long time, the Thurso Lightning is a great choice.

Catch Surf Wave Bandit

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The Catch Surf Wave Bandit is a comfortable and quality body board.

An EPS core with a smooth HDPE slick bottom that has channels for speed.

Durable, this board has a closed cell textured deck skin which is water tight.

Included with the purchase is a nylon wrist leash, so from the moment your board arrives you are ready to catch waves!

Featuring a graduated channel bottom as well as 50/50 rails you will be flying along waves in no time.

Performance shaped this board has a crescent tail for maximum control and speed.

Wave Bandit boards are designed and made in California by real surfers who know what is needed in a board!

Maximum performance and high quality the Catch Surf Wave Bandit is a great beach companion.

Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board

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Getting into the very high quality range, the Wham-O Mach 7 is top rated, premium body board.

Morey manufacture these boards and the Mach 7 is still a best seller.

A classic design, this board is sturdy and lightweight meaning it can handle just about any conditions.

Durable, this board is designed to last and is extremely comfortable to use.

The core is PE and the decking TC8 with an slick HDPE bottom for speed. Channels have also been integrated into the design for maximum speed.

A power rod stringer made from dual composite carbon offers high strength, making it really difficult to snap this board.

Closed cell skin offers excellent traction and the board is heat laminated and sealed meaning it should never delaminate. 

The Wham-O Mach 7 is 42 inches and has 50/50 rails which a crescent tail design.

ZEFR RECON 42″ Bodyboard

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The Zefr Recon is another premium body board that is designed to last.

Closed cell fused foam makes this board lightweight and fast!

With a unique camo design, no two boards are the same.

Included with the purchase is a tubular leash meaning you are ready for wave riding straight out of the box.

This board is 42 inches long meaning it offers extra stability for children yet adults will be able to ride waves too – great for the whole family.

One of the best aspects is that this board comes with a lifetime warranty.

Guaranteed not to peel apart or get water logged this board is eco-friendly with the idea being it will last a lifetime.

If your budget allows and you want a durable board designed to last a lifetime the the Zefr Recon is the choice for you.

How to Choose A Body Board

Starting off with the right board specifically for your height and weight makes for a much more enjoyable body boarding session.

Sizing of Body Boards

Body boards are available in a range of different sizes that are directly related to the height of the user.

If you select a board that is too high then controlling it can be difficult. If you choose on too small then you’ll most likely sink it and struggle to catch any waves.

To measure the right sized body board for your height, measure the distance from your belly button to the ground. Then measure the distance from your chin to your knees. If these numbers are differently then take the average of the two numbers.

Board Size

Weight Height


65-85 lbs



85-115 lbs

4’6” – 5’2”


110-130 lbs 5’3”-5’6”


125-170 lbs


42” 145-180 lbs


42.5” 160-190 lbs



170-210 lbs 6’1”-6’3”
44” 180-270lbs


As a rule of thumb, if you are unsure, then choose a bodyboard that is slightly larger. Especially if you will be using it in smaller waves. If you are a complete beginner then chances are you aren’t going to be out chasing massive waves.

For those who do want to chase massive waves then slightly smaller boards will offer more control and maneuverability.

Body Board Material and Construction

Materials used to construct body boards varies and it is due to this that are a range of boards across a range of prices.

A bodyboard comprises of a foam core, a stringer and a softer foam top as well as rails.

The core can be made from a variety of different materials including dow/polyethylene (PE), arcel or polypro/polypropylene (PP). Generally PE core is found in bodyboards for beginners.

PP foam is the newer version of PE to hit the market. This type of foam does cost a little more but that is because it is newer, lighter and stronger.


The stringer is a piece of carbon fiber or fiberglass tubing that is in the centre of the body board. Consider it the backbone of the body board and that it offers strength and flexibility to the board.

Boards without stringers won’t last half as long as they are missing this vital back bone piece.

Tail of the Body Board

The back or end of the body board is referred to as the tail and the shape of this influences how it glides through the water and on waves.

Crescent shapes are the most common and popular, they are also the most comfortable to use.

Wider tails offer more stability so if you are a bit shaky then opt for a wider body board to give you a little more stability and confidence.


The rails run along the edge of the body board and they come in two different configurations a 50-50 and 60-40. 50-50 offers more speed whereas 60-40 offers more control.


Generally you’ll be purchasing a body board that is either 51mm or 55mm in thickness. Thinner boards are going to be much less buoyant so if this is a concern opt for a thicker on. Thicker body boards are better suited to smaller waves.


The rocker refers to the upwards curve on the body board and directly affects the control of the board. With less rocker the board will appear more flat which means it will be much faster. The more rocker, the less likely you’ll nose dive and the more maneuverability you’ll have.

Bottom Line

Body boards are a great way to enjoy your day at the beach. Noting quite compares to the fun feeling of catching waves and gliding along the water. Kids love to play on them and so do adults! There are many different models over a variety of prices, from under $50 to over $200 for the more serious body boarders. A must have for enhancing your day at the beach!

Best Body Board
  • Own the Wave Beach Attack Pack
  • California Board Company
  • Big Lizard
  • Lucky Bums
  • Empire Makai Body board
  • Sixsixtwo Body board
  • Thurso Surf
  • Catch Surf Wave Bandit
  • Wham O Mach 7
  • Zefr Recon


Body boards are a great way to enjoy your day at the beach. Suitable for the whole family, there are a range of boards available to suit a range of budgets. Warning – riding waves can be addictive!

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