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In terms of features, high volume dive masks are considered the exact opposites of the more commonly-used low volume masks. For one, high volume dive masks allows for a bigger volume of air space in between divers’ face and the panels of the mask. On top of that, high volume dive masks are still designed to suit larger facial profiles. There are a lot of advantages made available with these types of dive masks.

For one, they come equipped with multiple large windows. These oversized windows definitely compensate for size by enabling views from different angles as much as possible. They are also very easy to fit. Divers who have larger face profiles, as well as nose structures, will most likely face difficulties when looking for masks that fit comfortably. A high volume dive mask provides a solution to this type of dilemma.

In order to make the best decision possible, it is best to take a look at some options that are currently available online these days. By doing so, you can easily make a well-informed decision. The following are some of the best high volume dive mask options.

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Best High Volume Dive Mask

1. Aqua Lung Pacifica Single Lens Dive Mask

Last update on 2018-12-15 / Affiliate links, Prices, Reviews & Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Aqua Lung Pacifica Dive Mask comes in a single glass lens of tempered design which can allow you to completely see the surroundings clearly, unlike other models that only results in breaks to your vision.

You will certainly not miss wonderful underwater scenes, colorful fish and other interesting moments as you can find this mask your perfect glimpse to the world underwater.

It is also equipped with a one-way valve purge that can allow you to easily exhale using your nose in order to rid your mask of unwanted water.

With this model, you no longer need to purge your mask the traditional way as this can allow for hands-free use which makes this process really quick and easy by just breathing out.


  • Simple and functional
  • One-way valve purge
  • mask clearing – hands free
  • Wide split mask strap style
  • Medium to High volume design
  • Comes with classic metal adjustable strap buckle
  • Nose pockets that are easy to reach
  • Superior seal on face


  • Not many people prefer high volume dive masks in general

The Aqua Lung Pacifica Single Lens Dive Mask is a single lens mask which can provide you with a great field of view, while delivering an enhanced fit along with a more secure seal that can protect your skin.

With its tempered glass lens, you can be assured that it is shatterproof.

It also comes with a one-way purge valve which makes it easier for hands-free mask clearing.

It is convenient with its easy-to-reach nose pockets which make it possible for easier equalization.

2. Aqua Lung Atlantis Single Lens Dive Mask

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This model is another product of Aqua Lung – a reputed manufacturer of high volume masks.

This is particularly popular among military and recreational divers who appreciate its high volume design.

It comes equipped with a large single lens, offering a wider field of view. The design is classic; appearing as a large volume, oval-styled mask.

It is also made using a tempered glass lens.


  • single lens, high-volume mask
  • Great viewing field
  • Improved fit
  • More secure seal on the skin
  • Shatterproof
  • lens made of tempered glass
  • Perfect for snorkeling and diving
  • Comes with a mask case made of hard plastic


  • People with bigger faces find this mask small

The Aqua Lung Atlantis Single Lens Dive Mask comes with a single, high volume lens that provides it with a better viewing field.

It is currently available in black, which comes with a silicone black skirt. The skirt also provides an enhanced fit and better seal on the skin.

Its glass lens is tempered and shatterproof, making it perfect for activities such as snorkeling and diving. For more safety, it also comes with a mask case made of hard plastic.

3. Oceanways Superview-HD Dive Mask

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What makes the Oceanways Superview HD mask a standout is the fact that it is equipped with several features that you might find useful for your next diving adventure.

For example, it comes equipped with Optical Multicoating (OMC) technology which minimizes glare and UV.

It also works by reducing light nanometers which results in better comfort to the eye, changing the harshness of white light and converting it to a bluish light for enhanced contrast.

Its lenses are created to detect red and yellow colors; defining objects and giving them a better perception.


  • High Definition (HD) Single Lens
  • Vision brightening lens
  • Super soft silicone skirt
  • Tear drop rigid frame
  • Wider field of vision


  • Some issues with durability

A lot of divers agree that the Oceanways Superview HD w/Anti-UV/Glare Optical Dive Mask is a good dive mask.

One thing that is very special about this dive mask is its capability to block sunlight, making everything underwater look extremely clear while wearing it.

It is also very comfortable to use, thanks to its high volume design, with no leaks and just amazing vision. Aside from the features, it is also comes with a good design overall.


There are a lot of options when it comes to high volume dive masks. The items on the list are just some of them. When it comes to popularity and positive feedback, it seems that the Oceanways Superview Dive Mask is the model of choice among many divers. However, that does not mean that the Aqua Lung Atlantis Mask or the Aqua Lung Pacifica Mask are already out of the picture. In fact, they may also come with features that are particularly suitable to your personal needs and preferences. Make sure that you know the features that you want to have and you will be able to make a well-informed decision.

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