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One thing to keep in mind if you are a diver is the fact that diving is an activity that is all about visuals.

Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you invest in the best scuba mask that can keep the water out, is highly comfortable and offers an optimal platform for viewing. At the same time, you also need to take into consideration the type of diving activity that you will be engaging in, because this is a very important factor that you can consider when looking for a mask.

For example, if you are into low-volume diving, you need to choose a mask that can fit right into that category. The thing is, there are a lot of options that are currently made available on the market these days. In order to be guided accordingly, it is very important to make sure that you check on all possible options first so as to make a well-informed decision.

Here are the best low volume dive masks that you can choose from.

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Atomic Aquatics Frameless Mask

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The overall shape of the Atomic Aquatics Framless Mask was designed with the use of computer software with the goal of maximizing the field of view vertically and side-to-side. In both the narrower medium fit and the full-sized version there is an impressive 85 degrees of horizontal vision, alongside a 75 degree vertical vision.

On the other hand, when it comes to in-water performance, this model is made of top-of-the-line materials which offer surprising benefits.


  • Wide field of view
  • Great for low volume guide
  • Great squeeze tab buckles
  • Comes with a cool low-profile case
  • Affordable


  • Some issues with the fit

The lens of the Atomic Aquatics Frameless Mask for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling is created with the use of UltraClear tempered glass, and has the capability to reduce distortion while improving the transmission of light, thus resulting in even better visibility.

With its clear skirt version, it is possible to see throughout the skirt with interesting clarity, which makes it very clear. As a bonus feature, it comes with a soft silicone skirt and a double-edged seal that can stick to your face easily, just like a magnet. The nose pocket is quite roomy as well.

Oceanic Shadow and Mini Shadow Frameless

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The Oceanic Mini Shadow Scuba Masks offer a wide field of view, along with a frosted silicone version and a high-quality visual awareness that has been extended way beyond the lens, up to 180 degrees. It also feels rightly comfortable on the nose and face, coming with a very comfortable strap.

The Oceanic Mini Shadow Scuba Mask has been designed for faces that are smaller, with a goal to support a low volume dive capability. Rather than a standard strap, it also has a neoprene headband that is attached to a webbing strap which can weave through its standard buckle.


  • Comes with a no-frame design which reduces weight
  • Wide field of view
  • Extreme low volume design
  • Perfect even for photographers and hunters
  • Great for a back-up mask
  • Easily fits on your pocket


  • Adjustment may not be quick

This model comes in two options – frosted and black silicone. They are face-friendly, with a wide field of view and low volume dive capability. True, adjustment with the use of its standard buckle may turn out to be challenging. However, once it is adjusted to the right length, there is no need to mess with it all over again. This mask can keep you really focused. This is perfect for smaller faces and is also perfect for frequent use.

Riffe Frameless Mask

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The Riffe Frameless Mask model is very low volume, even compared to several other models of frameless masks. It provides a snug nose pocket which makes it possible for easier equalization. The mask also comes with side-to-side visibility that is slightly less compared to other models. It has the capability to shade your eyes, cutting down on your reflection. The sealing edge of the silicone skirt is quite supple, forming a quick vacuum to the face.

On the other hand, the inner portion of the strap comes with a textured overall finish that can hold it right in place. You can also notice that there are numbers that are embossed in between the adjustment bars, making fine-tuning highly possible.


  • Low volume model
  • Frameless masks
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable silicone skirt
  • Highly durable


  • Some issues with water pressure pressing on the face
  • Issues with fogging up

This dive mask is generally good for its price. It comes with a silicone liner which has a very smooth seal that can fit your face easily. It is also equipped with lenses that are fantastic to use. This is a great buy considering the price. However, the affordability of this mask does not reflect the quality of the features. At the same time, you will also find the design to be simple yet elegant; perfect as an addition to your diving gear collection.


My Verdict

Each item on this list comes with specific features. It is to be noted that most divers have their own needs and preferences. If you are looking for the best low volume dive masks, frameless masks options, such as the ones in this list, are your best options.

When it comes to feedback from other users, the Oceanic Mini Shadow Scuba Mask is the most recommended option considering its design to support low volume diving. At the same time, it is also very affordable, yet doesn’t compromise quality with the price.

This, however, does not mean that other items on this list are not capable of providing you with the features that you need. In fact, they are also perfect as additions to your diving gear collection.

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