Best Spearfishing Dive Wetsuits 2018 Prices Reviews And Buying Guide

best spearfishing suits
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best spearfishing suitsBest dive suits seem to be among the most important creations in the history of surfing, triathlons, as well as other sports activities.

By having your own wetsuit, you can enjoy your time more in the water.

For this reason, purchasing a wetsuit plays a vital role.

It is very important to consider purchasing one as an investment.

To be guided accordingly, a lot of companies have created wetsuits that are designed for spearfishing.

To this, finding the best wetsuit to fit your unique needs and requirements may turn out to be a challenging task.

Best Diving Wetsuits

Even though freediving wetsuits are not a general requirement in all types of water-related environments, they can be a great addition to your kit.

They can give you the necessary warmth and overall protection from stings, fire corals and other hazards.

They also serve as shields from the sun, especially since you will be exposed to it directly when spearfishing.

There are also good dive wetsuits that can be used not just for this activity, but as a perfect option for all other water-related activities.

Before making your decision, it is highly recommended to look at several dive suits so that you can finally make a well-informed decision.

Cressi 3.5mm Tracina Spearfishing Wetsuit

The Tracina model is a recently-introduced spearfishing wetsuit from the Cressi manufacturer.

It comes with an exclusive dark digital specter camo pattern.

What makes this pattern unique is that it has been designed using a computer, making it extra difficult for prey to make solid images, camouflaging the wearer with the underwater background.

It has also been constructed with a super soft 2.5mm neoprene with the use of an anatomical cut, giving the best fit.

It also features a jacket that comes with a chest loading pad with smoothskin watertight seals on its hood, waist and wrists, alongside a Powertex lining at the waist and elbows.

The Tracina model is an open-cell neoprene wetsuit which uses an almost-raw neoprene rubber which slides on when it is dry.

This comes in a two-piece suit design created out of a special computerized printing technology which resulted in a camouflage pattern, rendering you almost invisible underwater.

If you are into hunting and spearfishing, this is one of the best options you can take.

It is composed of high top pants and a hooded jacket. All of its seams are sewn and glued for durability and strength.


  • Camouflage Design
  • Made of ultraspan neoprene
  • Provides maximum comfort
  • Freedom of movement
  • Ventilation
  • Comes with a built-in hood


  • May need a lubricant to use a lube for maximum comfort
Cressi Tracina 3.5mm Wetsuit - Large
  • Supersoft 3.5mm open-cell neoprene.
  • Preformed anatomical cut. Jacket with padded reinforcement in the chest, Smoothskin watertight seals on the hood,...
  • High-waisted trousers with watertight Smoothskin seals at the ankles and waist, and Powertex reinforcements on the...

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Beuchat Marlin Elite Spearfishing Wetsuit – Jacket

This Marlin Elite model from Beuchat is technically designed for spearfishing.

It results in an extremely smooth diving experience with its hydrodynamic materials and design.

On top of its resistant reinforcements, you are assured in having an ultimate spearfishing experience.

It is also created out of a preformed anatomical cut and a Nylon Jersey interior for easy dressing, undressing and the assurance of a longer life.

The lower part of the jacket has been edged accordingly for enhanced durability. It also includes an extra jacket with a hood and long johns.

The Beuchat Marlin Elite Spearfishing Wetsuit – Jacket is unquestionably one of the best options available on the market today when it comes to overall performance and design. The materials used in creating this wetsuit have been proven to provide high-quality performance.

It is made of a silky-smooth neoprene exterior which makes it possible for you to enjoy a maximum diving experience.

Other features include a nylon jersey interior which makes it easier to put on and take off and also enhanced durability for the longer life of your wetsuit.

At the same time, the lower part of the jacket has also been edged for better durability while both dressing and undressing.


  • Preformed anatomical cut
  • Easier wearing, removing
  • Longer life durability
  • Supreme diving experience
  • Supratex reinforcements for enhanced protection


  • Limited reviews from actual users
Beuchat Marlin Elite Spearfishing Wetsuit - Mm Jacket + Pro Long John - 3.5 Mm (X-Large)
  • High quality preformed anatomical cut
  • Silky smooth Neoprene exterior for a supreme diving experience
  • Nylon Jersey interior for easier donning, doffing and longer life

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Cressi Tecnica 3.5mm Jacket Pants Combo Wetsuit

What makes the Tecnica a standout wetsuit for spearfishing is the fact that it has been designed for camouflage.

When fishing underwater, you surely would not want to disturb the calmness of the surrounding by scaring your potential prey.

With this camouflage design, you can easily confuse prey, enabling a better catch and overall spearfishing experience.

It is a two-piece wetsuit which has been made out of a highly-elastic and single-lined ultraspan neoprene.

It also comes with matching socks.

The outer portion of the Tecnica wetsuit comes with a camouflage coloring which combines together two tones of grey being used in specific areas in the wetsuit.

This pattern can make the diver almost invisible, even at short distances.

On the other hand, the interior part has been lined with the use of Black Metallite, which is a material which provides a guaranteed high-quality performance and an easier process of putting on and taking off.


  • Camouflage design for better adaptability to the environment
  • Comes with a built-in hood
  • Features a chest gun loading pad
  • Enough reinforcements on the elbows, knees and chest areas


  • Some users report issues on durability
Cressi Tecnica 3.5mm Wetsuit [4/L]
65 Reviews
Cressi Tecnica 3.5mm Wetsuit [4/L]
  • Should fit snug, but not too tight
  • Cressi is a REAL diving, snorkeling and spear fishing Italian brand, since 1946.
  • The Tecnica is the 2-pieces wetsuit designed for spearfishing men. Special computer molding technology of mimetic...

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Zoot Z Force 1.0

This entry level Zoot Z Force is a great value which comes with bold style.

Compared to other medium suits, it feels a little baggy on the upper body, making it more comfortable not just in water, but also on land.

As for the buoyancy and flexibility, this wetsuit feels nicely balanced in water, with an unrestricted feeling on the shoulders.

The Zoot Z Force 1.0 is considered an entry-level wetsuit.

However, with its price and features, it can compete with the other wetsuits on the market these days.

This wet suit does not hold you back while engaging in your favorite water activity.

It maximizes efficiency while pushing you to the next level.


  • Allows for a good range of motion
  • Flexible and buoyant
  • Great value for your money


  • Try on before purchasing since there may be some chest sizing issues
Zoot Sports Men's Z Force 1.0 Sl Wetzoot
15 Reviews
Zoot Sports Men's Z Force 1.0 Sl Wetzoot
  • Should fit snug, but not too tight
  • Yamamoto C38
  • Aqualift in the seat area for bouyancy

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Billabong XERO GOLD Fullsuit

When talking about the SUV of wetsuits, Billabong XERO Gold easily enters the mind.

It has been designed specifically to perform and function time after time.

This complete wetsuit is made out of the manufacturer’s high-end AX1-Airlite superstretch neoprene which produces optimum durability and flexibility.

There is no doubt that the Billabong XERO GOLD Fullsuit is on the expensive side of the wetsuit family.

However, you can also expect to get every bit the value for the money that you pay.

Billabong is a well-respected manufacturer of wetsuits and other sports gear, and the XERO GOLD suit is just one of its amazing creations.


  • Wind resistant revolutionary mesh
  • Solar mesh front
  • Double liquid taped and sealed seams
  • Durable and water tight
  • Water tight neck seal
  • Wrist and ankle grippers


  • On the expensive side
3/2mm Men's Billabong XERO GOLD Fullsuit - S
  • Rated for water 58 degrees and up
  • 100% Airlite Superflex for maximum flexibility in the water
  • Sealed & liquid taped seams keep cold water out while adding durability

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Body Glove Vapor Slant

This wetsuit is perfect if you are out to spend long stretches of time in the water or on land.

It has the capability to keep the chill away.

It is also designed to deal with temperatures ranging from 63-68 Fahrenheit.

It comes with water repellent vapor stretch technology that reduces water absorption, as well as enhances flexibility in order to make sure that you stay comfortable and warm.

If you are planning to surf at nighttime or are expecting cold temperatures while surfing or doing other water activities, this is the wetsuit for you.

Its capability to provide thermal protection will ensure that you stay comfortable even when you cannot go back on land to change.

Aside from its features, its overall design and appearance makes it a really good buy.


  • Uses 100% vapor stretch water repellent technology
  • Fluid seal seams
  • Thermo fiber which keeps the chill off
  • Anatomically cut


  • Expensive
Body Glove Men's 3/2mm Vapor Slant Zip Fullsuit Wetsuit, Medium
1 Reviews
Body Glove Men's 3/2mm Vapor Slant Zip Fullsuit Wetsuit, Medium
  • Should fit snug, but not too tight
  • MATERIALS: 100-Percent vapor stretch water repellent technology throughout , 100-Percent fluid seal seams, thermo fiber...
  • CONSTRUCTION: Vapor lock seams with 100-Percent interior Fluid Seal, Anatomically Cut, Unfinished wrist and ankle cuffs...

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Hurley Fusion 302

When it comes to design, this wetsuit is pretty simple.

It does not use much intricacy as compared to others and depends heavily on the stretchiness of a basic rubber piece with a hole.

The legs are slim fi, with a leg rubber that feels supple.

The overall comfort offered by this wetsuit is quite respectable.

The Hurley Fusion 302 wetsuit is a good option if you are the type of person who is attracted to bold designs.

It is available at a reasonable mid-range price while not sacrificing quality.

The main designer of these wetsuits is a man who worked with Billabong before, which means that the standards are almost identical, but more on the affordable end.


  • Simple yet attractive design
  • Comfortable leg rubber
  • Super slim fit
  • Bumpy draw string


  • Zipper can be fiddly
  • Wide key pocket

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O’Neill Psycho

This wetsuit comes with an added fray, snag, and Velcro resistance.

It also has 30% less water absorption along with 20% lighter weight.

On top of these features, it  has quick-dry properties.

While this wetsuit option may fall on the expensive end, it is worth every penny spent.

Its water resistant capabilities, overall design, as well as other features provide the assurance of a high quality wetsuit.


  • Light, warm and flexible
  • Dries fast
  • Good balance of warmth and flexibility
  • Worth every penny spent


  • Expensive
O'Neill Mens Psycho 1 Zen-Zip 3/2 Fsw Wetsuit, Black/Black/Black, Small
2 Reviews
O'Neill Mens Psycho 1 Zen-Zip 3/2 Fsw Wetsuit, Black/Black/Black, Small
  • Neoprene, Water Temp: 60 - 71 deg
  • Seam Construction: single Fluid weld
  • Material: Technobutter 2 neoprene

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When it comes to purchasing a wetsuit, there are things that you need to consider. For one, you need to choose whether you need a spring or short wetsuit or a full suit. Then, you can focus on your ideal thickness, which depends on the conditions or temperatures that you expect when engaging in your sports.

For these reasons, the Billabong Xero Gold is the best wetsuit option on this list. Aside from the fact that it is made by Billabong, the leading wetsuit manufacturer, it also comes with features that will certainly allow you to enjoy your water related activities even more.

Considering different options when it comes to the best spearfishing wetsuits, it is very important to make sure that you select one that perfectly fits your individually unique needs, preferences and requirements. In each of the items included in the list, there are features that you may want to have. However, it is also important to take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages as well so that you can compare them with others. The three items in the list are made by famous wetsuit manufacturers. Among the items reviewed, the Cressi Tecnica 3.5mm Jacket Pants Combo Wetsuit has received the largest number of feedback, with most of them positively talking about the product. Still, it does not mean that the other two options aren’t any good. The final decision all boils down to your individual needs and preferences.

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