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Suunto is synonymous with technology and innovation. This is because this brand has been thrilling the world with numerous inventions. They have been making monumental scientific leaps since the company was launched 75 years ago. The brainchild of Tuomas Vohlonen, Suunto has been helping the world’s leading teams and individuals achieve the impossible.

From tiny computers to sports watches, Suunto really does do it all. You do not have to be a record breaker, scientist, or Olympian to enjoy the fruits of this company’s labours, however. There are plenty of Suunto dive watches, Suunto fitness watches, Suunto GPS watches, Suunto watches for men, and Suunto watches women. The new Suunto watch models include the Suunto watch GPS and Suunto heart rate watch.

If you like diving to the hazy depths of the ocean or any body of water, you are going to need the appropriate equipment. Most importantly, you are going to require the right Suunto dive watch. This review consists of all of the Suunto watches that will be a perfect match for you. Read on to discover the right accessory:

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Suunto Zoop Dive Computer

Suunto diving watches are typically considered to be for expert divers. This is what is so great about the Zoop dive computer – it is great for beginners. If you are looking for comprehensive information about a dive, this is the Suunto dive computer watch for you.

Diving Mode

This Suunto diving watch allows you to choose from 5 diving modes – nitro mode, air mode, gauge mode, free dive mode, and off mode. This way, you will get to choose your settings depending on the type of diving that you are doing. This is great for someone who likes to mix up their diving strategies every now and then.


Another great feature of this dive watch Suunto is that you can modify the computer’s algorithm, depending on your preferences. For instance, if there are any particular environments that are harmful to you, you can change the settings accordingly.

Stop Information

If you are diving over 30 feet, the watch will display stop information. This information can be of two types – recommended or mandatory stop. Depending on the situation, the adequate details will be provided.


  • Multiple diving modes
  • Personal alterations
  • Stop information
  • Water resistance up to 80m
  • Easy to use


  • May be a little lacking for more experienced divers
  • 80m can be shallow for some divers

If this is your first time trying out Suunto dive watches, then this is a great choice to start with. It is especially great if you are not familiar with dive computers. This easy to use dive watch will be a good entry level watch to help you get started.

Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer

A leader among Suunto diving watches, the Suunto EON Steel dive computer is certainly well equipped. Whatever your diving needs are, this Suunto diving watch is sure to answer them. If you want a well-rounded piece of technology, your search stops here.

Wireless Transmission

If you like the latest in diving technology, prepare to be impressed. This Suunto watch comes equipped with a wireless tank transmitter. Simply fix the transmitter on to the tank and you will have access to an incredible amount of information. This includes pressure and battery readings along with the wearer’s breathing rate.

Safety Features

Maximum depth warnings and pressure limits are just some of the safety features on this diving computer. As long as you have this strapped to your wrist, you are not going to have to worry about your health. There is essentially an alarm for any issue that you may be concerned about, underwater.

Clear Display

All of this added features cannot possibly seen on a typical clock face. This is why the design of the EON steel dive computer is rectangular-shaped. This way, all of the readings are clearly displayed on the watch face. This is particularly useful as this computer also doubles as a Suunto compass watch.


  • Wireless transmission
  • Excellent safety features
  • Up to 150m water resistance


  • This watch is certainly larger, heavier, and bulkier than other Suunto models

If you can withstand the added heft that comes with this diving computer, you are in for a treat. You will certainly not be able to complain about being left out of the loop on another dive again.

Suunto D4i Novo Watch

One of the most notable features about the D4i Novo watch is its versatility. In addition to being a great dive watch, it can be worn as an everyday timepiece as well. Despite this flexibility, it is still very much a dive watch with all of the features that it entails. If you are looking for something that is fun yet precise, this is the watch for you.

Four Dive Modes

This Suunto sports watch has four different dive modes that you can choose from. These are Air, Freedive, Nitrox, and Gauge. Regardless of what your driving preference is, the D4i Novo will cater to it. Thus, it is great for professional and recreational divers.

Record Keeping

If you are a fan of personal bests, this diving watch will make sure to accurately and precisely record all of your information. You will be able to record your real depth and store the details for a long time thanks to an 80 hour interval dive log. Simply glancing at the display is enough to easily see all of your current information as well.

Protection Functions

It can be easy to lose track of your vitals and depth when you are diving. This is why the safety stop function on this diving watch is so helpful. Once you get past a particular depth, you will be informed of whether or not you should be performing a stop.


  • Versatile
  • Keeps excellent records
  • Safety functions
  • Multiple dive modes
  • Reliable up to 100 m


  • Although not the smallest Suunto watch, the display is a little crowded

If you want to add a little flair to all those computer algorithms, the D4i Novo lets you do that. You can choose from several fun colors for the look that you want. Apart from that, it is a good, dependable dive watch.

Suunto Vyper Air Computer

This brand of watches Suunto is known for creating fully equipped watches. The Vyper Air is no exception to this rule. In fact, if you are looking for a dive watch that has it all, this is a great watch to start with. The functions, personalization settings, and safety features make it a must-have for any diver.

Easy to Use

This cannot always be said about all Suunto models but it is true of the Vyper Air. In addition to having a comprehensive menu, it is quite easy to navigate through the many options afforded by this dive watch. In addition to a pleasant user interface, it is also equipped with four operation controls.

Dive Modes

This particular model offers three separate dive modes. These are Air mode, Gauge mode, and Nitrox mode. It can be used in a variety of situations, depending on your preferred style.


In addition to the many safety features such as maximum depth and cylinder pressure alarms, the settings can be customized as well. Depending on your susceptibilities, you are able to set a variety of conditions. This way, you can be sure not to overtax yourself.


As an added bonus, this Suunto watch compass features are enabled as well. The 3D compass means that you will never have to worry about navigating unfamiliar waters again.


  • Easy interface
  • Several dive modes
  • Settings can be customized
  • Easy navigation with digital compass


  • The deep stop feature can be a little conservative for more experienced divers

There are many advantages involved with this dive watch that it is difficult to find fault. It is easy to use, helps divers be safer, and comes equipped with a compass.

Suunto D6i Dive Computer

This dive computer embodies all of the benefits of a Suunto dive watch. This includes all of the high tech features that make this such a popular brand. It also fully encompasses all of the usual safety features.

Dive Modes

This Suunto watch consists of four dive modes. These are Air, Gauge, Nitrox, and free diving. You are clearly not lacking for options with this particular model. Most notably, the free diving mode is a spot above the rest.

Comprehensive Display

Current depth, ascent rate, water temperature, maximum depth reached, and dive time are just some of the options available to you on your screen. With just a push of a button, each of these details will be displayed on an easy to read screen.

Pre-set Conditions

There are many pre-set conditions that you can choose from. Thus, you can tailor your dive just how you want it. If you only want to go to a particular depth or want to be notified about your dive time, the settings can be arranged. It also makes it a handy safety device to have around.


  • Four dive modes
  • Lots of available information
  • Digital compass
  • Alarms can be set


  • Battery cannot be easily replaced

All in all, this is a comprehensive dive computer watch to have around. It will certainly make your dives a lot more interesting as well as safe.

These are the Suunto dive watches that have garnered the most amount of attention among divers. That being said, this brand has so much to offer, particularly with Suunto watches Amazon. You can buy Suunto watches that are mens Suunto watches or a Suunto womens watch. There are also ones that are powered by different sources, such as the Suunto solar watch. They also have diverse functions as in the case of Suunto fitness watch, Suunto tactical watch, and Suunto military GPS watch.

Of course the Suunto tactical watches and Suunto watches GPS are more for adventured-based individuals. If you are looking for something simpler or sportier, you can opt for the Suunto HR watch, also known as the Suunto heart rate monitor watch.

If you are looking for highly evolved dive technology that will revolutionize your diving experience, Suunto is certainly the brand for you.

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