Cosmiq+ Deepblu Dive Computer Review

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For those who haven’t heard of Deepblu, they are leaders in dive computer equipment. Designed by divers for divers, their products exude quality and functionality in all the ways a diver needs. Not only do they manufacture products using the latest technology but they are also a solid online community for divers and other ocean enthusiasts.

Established in 2016 this company has brought together divers worldwide and continues to do so. In the following article I have completed a review about the COSMIQ+ dive computer which is an upgrade from the first COSMIQ model. The difference is the newer model has replaced Gauge Mode with a Bottom Timer Mode. This feature adds a resettable average depth and secondary time reading.

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Deepblu Cosmiq+ Dive Computer

Last update on 2019-02-09 / Affiliate links, Prices, Reviews & Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This dive computer measures, records and displays all the key dive data and information.

Key Features

  • High-contrast screen
  • Large display
  • Bottom timer with resettable average depth and stage time
  • Log up to 25 dives
  • Dive plan function
  • Audible & Visual alarms for dangerous situations
  • Wireless syncronization
  • Digital dive logs with Deepblu App
  • Supports nitrox diving between 21% and 40%
  • Supports high altitude diving & highly saline water
  • No fly alert



A 2.2 inch LCD screen that uses EBTN (Enhanced Black Twisted Nematic) making it a high contrast screen for ease of use.

dive computer on wrist

Ease of Use

It really is as simple as attach the dive computer to your wrist and start your dive. The key information needed is displayed on the LCD screen and if you need to access any other information there are two buttons. The simplification means you can enjoy your dive and know that the computer is doing the work it needs to do.

Starting your dive and dive computer can be done either manually or automatically. If Scuba mode is your default dive mode enter the water with the COSMIQ+ in standby or watch mode and it will automatically activate once you descend past 5ft (1.5m).


Impressively there are 6 modes to choose from when using this watch and they include:

  • Watch mode– current time and date displayed. If you change time zones simply connect to the Deepblu app to update this. There is also the ability to plan your dives.
  • Scuba mode- Displays all critical dive information, alarms alert you of any issues.
  • Bottom Timer mode – Records time spent on the bottom
  • Freedive mode – Suited for freedivers and allows you to set a time and depth alarm
  • Dive Log mode –  Access to dive data
  • Sync mode – Transfers data from your dives to the app

The key thing here is that the COSMIQ+ appeals to ALL divers – recreational, freedivers and technical divers.

Under the watch mode the Dive Plan Function is actually really useful. Using the data from previous dives you can plan to dive safely and within safe limits. To get to this part under watch mode press Adjust. The letters PLAN appear as well as depth valuse along with your corresponding NDL (no-decompression limit). The NDL limit displays in the bottom right after you press Adjust between 30 ft (9m) and 135ft (40m).

In Scuba Mode the COSMIQ+ performs decompression calculations & assists through mandatory decompression stops as need be. The algorithm is based on Bühlmann ZHL-16C. Be sure to check the display and all your settings before starting your dive as once you start you cannot adjust the settings.

To adjust any settings this needs to be done through the Deepblu App. This is where the oxygen level can be adjusted from standard to nitrox air, the safety factor adjusted from Conservative to Normal or Progressive and the PP02 level.

Dive Alarms

The are 13 different situations covered by the COSMIQ+ with alarms. For the complete list of sounds and visual displays please refer to the user manual.

Charging & Battery Life

Running off a lithium-ion battery the COSMIQ is rechargeable via a USB cable. There is a magnetic strip which easily connects and remains in place on the gold-plated brass charger pin.

As for the battery life, I haven’t pushed it to the limit. I normally wouldn’t leave that up to chance either while diving. Deepblu claim that this computer will last for 7-12 hours of continuous use which is really impressive, especially if you are out on a liveaboard.


The screen of this dive computer is fairly large which is actually super useful and important while diving. For those wanting to wear this as a watch full time, the screen is probably going to be a little too bulky.


This watch comes in a variety of colors including:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Steel Gray


Held together in a solid, zip up case this will protect your dive computer with room for other precious or fragile items you may have as well.

case with COSMIQ+ Dive Computer

App Connection

The COSMIQ+ uses Bluetooth technology which allows you to easily transfer any dive data as well as update settings and the software. The app is available for both iOS and Android and is very intuitive and easy to use.

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1 Deepblu Cosmiq + Watch Computer Deepblu Cosmiq + Watch Computer 7 Reviews

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Bottom Line

The COSMIQ+ dive computer by Deepblu is a quality, well made piece of equipment designed to simplify your diving experience. Easy to use with a user friendly app and face this dive computer has modes suited to all types of divers.

COSMIQ Dive Watch Review
  • Functionality
  • Ease of Use
  • Modes
  • Design


If you are looking for a dive computer, consider the COSMIQ+ which is the upgraded model of the COSMIQ by Deepblu. A quality piece of equipment that is beneficial to all divers.

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