The Best Mobile Apps for Scuba Diving

Samuel Blake
Written by Samuel Blake

It looks like a nice day to dive, but how is the current? Maybe you want to try drift diving today. You have the latest and greatest dive computer and believe that you have the finest technology available. But are you logging your dives?

There are many useful scuba diving apps that help divers in all sorts of ways. These apps help you plan, check the conditions, log dives, and enhance your overall experience. Here are some of the finest mobile apps for scuba diving you will find.


diveboardThis online scuba logbook could very well be the most convenient and efficient way to keep track of your dive stats. Immediately after a dive, pop out of the water and log your stats directly into your mobile phone. You can also add pictures and videos and share your experience and details of any dive at the push of a button. You can use the shop locator to find the closest shop around. With the wallet, you will always be ready to dive with your certifications always on you. Plus, you will also be able to mark down the species you have seen, the buddies you have dived with, and upload your notes. The app is free, and it’s available for Android and iPhone.

Diving Dude


Diving Dude is another social logbook with some enhanced features. With this app, you can follow other divers’ logs, explore popular dive spots from around the world and find dive shops near your current location. It helps you keep detailed records of all your dives, including the exact GPS location. You can record the weather conditions, time of day, sea conditions and temperature, visibility, the type of equipment used and how you used it. You can also rate the dive and add commentary. The app can be synched with Facebook and Twitter so you can share your dive experiences. It has a social networking function that allows you to maintain a group of “buddies” who are fellow Diving Dude users. You can search for dive shops using Diving Dude. But the list is not comprehensive. Only the shops that have paid to sign up are included. Another drawback is that, it is only available on iTunes.

Marine Tides Planner


This iPhone app will give you instant access to the tides for more than 8000 locations from around the world, including the US, Europe and Australia. This is useful information for sailors, divers, canoeists, fishermen, surfers, swimmers, photographers and anyone involved with seaside sport or leisure. Advanced users can take advantage of extensive tools to calculate time windows for entering/leaving and clearing depths. No internet connection needed as the app has its own database. Unfortunately, this app is not available for Android.

Scuba Exam Lite

Scuba Exam LiteAre you studying for a scuba certification? You will find Exam Lite very handy if you are. It contains a wealth of information on scuba diving principles and theories that will prove to be very useful for anyone who is taking a scuba exam, and even those who aren’t. These sections read like a PADI or NAUI textbook.  There are practice tests for open-water exams and recreational dive planning sample questions. It is a very well laid out app, and is easy to use too. Both Android and iPhone can use this.

Dive Log

This dive logging app is available for iPhone and Mac desktop users. It will store your logged dives and personal information, including certification details and emergency medical contact information, and a list of your equipment. There is a separate equipment page for this. You can even add notes on the last time you used any of these equipment. The logging interface lets you number your dives easily. You can add locations manually or with GPS, add buddies from your iOS contact list, and can add a full, visual dive profile with a lot of variables, like double tanks or a rebreather system. You can even use your previous dive as a template when you are adding a dive. Of course, you can start from scratch as well if you want. By adding locations, you can map all your dive spots on a virtual world map, and can add ratings and comments.

I would like to know what apps you use and why in the comments below. I am also looking to add more apps to the lists so if you are an app developer, please drop a comment below to be included on the list.

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