The Best Water Shoes Available For 2016 – 2017

Best-Water-ShoesIf you enjoy water sports, there is no doubt that you are in search for the best water shoes for yourself.

As a matter of fact, finding one may be one of your top priorities at the moment.

These best water shoes for beach can provide assurance that you are provided with maximum protection, as well as offering the best grip even on slippery and wet surfaces.

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While wearing water shoes, you can head into the water anytime you want knowing that you will be comfortable in water upon returning to dry land.

As you already know, I am dedicated to providing all the information you need to have the best outdoor experience – especially if you are a beginner. From scuba diving to snorkeling to surfing to swimming, I have reviewed most of the equipment you will need to get the best experience from your activities.

I have come up with another list featuring the best shoes to be used on the beach, pool and for swimming. Most of the features of each shoe model are covered and the benefits are highlighted. This will benefit the beginner who is just starting out to test outdoor activities.

For those of you who are experienced, you will also get some insight from our extensive reviews on these shoes. In order to guide you in your purchase, here is a list of the best water shoes currently offered on the market these days.

Adidas Climacool Boat Breeze

The Climacool Boat Breeze shoes from Adidas is equipped with a largely mesh upper, as well as a 100% EVA heel and tongue. Because of these features, it has the capability to dry out and drain faster as compared to other shoes. It also has a breathable upper sole and a sturdy midsole which provides comfort while its finger holes located in the heel makes it very easy to put on and pull off.


  • Quality product made in the USA
  • Speed lacing construction for fast and snug lacing
  • Tongue top for enhanced comfort and fit
  • EVA heel piece for enhanced fit
  • Enhanced comfort and breathability


  • Sand can get trapped in the sole
  • A bit narrow
  • Not recommended for wide feet

If you are looking for a great summer shoes which will certainly allow you to enjoy water sports and other activities, the Adidas Climacool Boat Breeze is a good option. It is great for use on the boat, river, as well as on the lakeshore. It also dries quickly, allowing you to enjoy it for use on dry land as much as you enjoy using it in the water.


Sperry Ricochet Bungee

This pair of shoes is best for whitewater kayaking. It comes with a flexible forefoot that is coupled with a reinforced sole under the rest of the shoes. As a result, this minimalist shoe disappears on longer treks. Its rubberized toe cap also protects the fingers. The angular lugs can grip even mossy rocks way better than other shoes.


  • Unique midsole/outsole design
  • Offers natural sensory feedback
  • Allows for greater agility and stability
  • Anatomical shape
  • Flexible construction


  • Some users claim that the shoes do not dry quickly
  • Some issues with comfort

The features of the Sperry Ricochet Bungee are the reasons why it made it to the list. It comes with amazing functionalities which will certainly be necessary if you want to have a pair of water shoes which promotes flexible construction and anatomical shape, thus resulting in natural foot movement. It also comes with antimicrobial linings that can minimize odor.


Keen Gallatin CNX

This bungee lacing system (toe-the-toe) makes it as the most secure swimming shoe. What is really impressive about this shoe is that it provides good quality protection and comfort. Among the users’ favorite are the neoprene patches on the webbed upper, mitigating rub on longer treks. For these reasons, this shoe is great for multi-day rafting trips.


  • Contoured arch which adds to mid-foot support
  • Natural underfoot support
  • Natural flexibility
  • Improved ground contact
  • Secure fit lace capture system


  • Tight fit for those with long toes
  • Sizing and comfort issues
  • Poor drying performance

The Gallatin CNX has been designed as a full-coverage and lightweight water shoe. Its key protective design features makes it a minimalist package overall. Because of these features, this is one of the best options that you can have for the best water shoes.


Ahnu Del Rey

This pair of shoes has been particularly designed and is best for wet and tricky terrain. Even though a lot of other shoe designs focus on minimalism, the Del Rey delivers optimum protection with its reinforced synthetic leather and mesh upper, aggressive lugged sole and full toe coverage. It also comes with a rigid TPU insert in its mid-foot, adding arch support.


  • Mesh uppers dry quickly
  • Webbing strap system
  • Adjustable heel straps
  • EVA midsoles offer cushion
  • Rubber toe caps protecting toes against impacts


  • Not comfortable for longer toes
  • No built-in odor support

Ahnu is known for creating comfortable water shoes. This particular model has been updated to provide lightweight shoes with maximum performance. It uses the new numentum technology traverse system which provides comfort at its best.


RYKA Women’s Hydro Sport Water Shoe – Best Water Shoes For Women

It is one of the best water shoes on the market right now as many people have tested it and have giving it a positive review. It has a flexible outsole for good traction while in use. The rubber on this model is manufactured from a material that dries fast. This is the synthetic and mesh upper on the unit. It has an effective water drainage system. It is shaped with a rubber sole for lighter and stress free movement.


  • It helps in protecting your leg from side impact on the pool
  • It helps in protecting the legs from side impact while walking around the pool.
  • It is backed by excellent customer service from the manufacturer.
  • It is light in weight so that it does not place strain on the feet and legs.
  • It provides excellent traction.
  • The design on this model is good.
  • It is an ideal water shoe for working out on the pool.
  • It fits snuggly around your leg.


  • As at the time of writing this review, we have not noticed any downsides in terms of complaints from users of this model. We honestly would recommend products like this one to our readers since it is excellent in quality and performance.

It has a perforated sock liner that is removable – only for your own comfort. So with this shoe, you will only get a comfortable experience.


Adidas Outdoor Boat CC Lace Boat Shoe

Unlike the RYKA Women’s Hydro sports water shoe, the Adidas Outdoor Boat CC Lace Boat Shoe is designed for men. You can see that there are many options available to men as well as women who are interested in getting their outdoor experience improved. It weighs only 3 pounds and has a rubber sole for comfort. It is designed specifically for men. However, women can also change sizes to get their fitting. It is made with the EVA tongue top.


  • It is light on the legs.
  • It does not make you slump or trip over while walking around the beach.
  • It is not only comfortable; it also comes in a stylish design.
  • The pair is suitable for use on rivers and streams.
  • The pair dries quickly after being socked.
  • It is ideal for use on rocky and wet terrain.
  • It is available in a stylish design which can give your leg a new look.


  • One disadvantage is that it is filled with sand quickly while you are walking around the beach. This is due to the drain holes.
  • It is not very suitable for use on the beach because of the point above.
  • It could cause scrubbing on your feet if you wear it for long.

The material on this model is flexible to offer maximum comfort. It comes with the Adidas drainage system for draining water. Definitely worth the buy.


Pediped Sahara Flex Water Sandal (Toddler/Little Kid)

The Pediped Sahara Flex Water Sandal weighs 3 ounces. Unlike others we have reviewed, this unit is machine washable. The lining on this product is built with a lining that is made from neoprene – neoprene is breathable so this unit is very much breathable too. It is available in different color variants. It is manufactured from textile with a synthetic sole. This unit is easy to use because the sole is made from rubber.


  • It is manufactured from high quality materials.
  • It is durable.
  • It is easy and comfortable to use.
  • It is easy to clean and provides the best fitting on the feet.
  • It is designed with a flexible sole for improved comfort.
  • It is well made.
  • It can easily be taken off and it doesn’t hurt the feet.
  • The manufacturer offers great customer service.
  • It is the ideal water shoe for your child.
  • It is inexpensive and is well made.
  • The manufacturer offers great customer service.


  • Some people complained that the size is too big so that they have to return their unit. This may be true but to be sincere, some people don’t read instructions carefully before ordering. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

It is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) for use on beaches and pools. The APMA is the agency responsible for promoting healthy foot development in the USA. If it is approved by them, then it is definitely worth trying.


When it comes to finding the best water shoes on the market these days, the list above is proof that you have several options available. When it comes to features, particularly comfort and usability, there is no question that the Adidas Climacool Boat Breeze is the best option out there. It is also one of the most affordable options on the list. As a product bearing the Adidas name, you can also be guaranteed of its overall performance.

The Pediped Sahara Flex Water Sandal (Toddler/Little Kid) is the cheapest on this list; the reason being that it is designed for your toddler with less features unlike the others that is designed for adults.

If you are a female looking to grab your next water shoe, you can choose the RYKA Women’s Hydro Sport Water Shoe. Try on different kinds of water shoes before making a purchase. This will ensure you are buying the most comfortable pair according to your preferences.

The other items on the list have their own set of pros and cons. They are also best for particular types of activity.  Therefore, you need to identify the purpose of your use for the shoes and base your decisions on such need. These water shoes are designed to allow you to enjoy your beloved water activities more.